With over 300 bars and around 70 gogo bars plus night clubs, restaurants, shops and street entertainers Walking Street is one of the best nightlife entertainment zones in the world, certainly in Thailand. It stretches approximately 1.5 kilometers, from Beach Road to the Bali Hai pier. There are also many side streets, or Sois, crammed with yet more bars, shops and hotels.

Walking Street Pattaya

The sign outside the Walking Street Cafe in Walking Street, Pattaya

Despite its deserved reputation as a nightlife center there is actually far more to Walking Street than just bars. It is home to some of Pattaya’s best sea food restaurants and others catering to all tastes, from fast food to high class dining. You can also find some crazy entertainment such as the Rocket Ball at Bali Hai and all manner of on street entertainment from magicians to hip hop dancers and even the famous scorpion lady.

Walking Street Bars

By far the majority of the businesses are bars. From small beers bars to large beer bar complexes and indoor air conditioned bars. You can find something for all tastes and budgets.

Walking Street bars

Bars in the Simon 2 beer bar complex in Walking Street, Thailand.

Agogo bars

Although numbers vary frequently there are usually around 90 operational gogo bars in Pattaya. The large majority, around 70, are located in or around Walking Street >> GoGo Bars

Sweethearts Agogo Walking Street Pattaya

Inside a typical Walking Street gogo bar


You can find pretty much everything you could possibly want to eat in Walking Street. From cheap street stalls to huge seafood restaurants overlooking the bay. Add in Indian restaurants, high end Italian restaurants, pizza shops, Turkish, ice cream parlours and you choices are pretty much unlimited. There is even a 24 hour MacDonalds for those desperate enough >> Restaurants

Walking Street Restaurants

A few neons from the many restaurants in Walking Street, Pattaya


Walking Street may be Pattaya’s biggest single attraction but surprisingly it contains very few hotels on the street itself. There are one or two hotels plus some very high quality Guesthouses which you can view here. There are also many good quality hotels within easy distance of Walking Street, all of which you can see using the link below.

All hotels in and close to Walking Street

Sun Xclusive hotel Pattaya

The Sun Xclusive hotel

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