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Abbes bar Pattaya

Abbes bar

Abbes bar or Abbe’s bar seems to have been around forever. Indeed from the state of the decor it probably has been although the exterior finally had a much needed face lift in 2012. Seriously, it opened in December 1970 so it has been around for almost 45 years. Great place to meet friends before a night out, especially if you like loud 80’s and 90’s indie or alternative music. When we say loud! We mean LOUD! It has a football theme, mainly English football but the walls are also covered with pennants, flags and jerseys of teams from all over the world. On match days the games are shown live on the big screen and the music goes off. The volume stays up though and you can easily hear the commentary blaring out on Walking Street.

A very popular bar overall although it does have a reputation for very high lady drink prices.

Abbe’s bar media links

Website –

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/Abbes-Bar-111908515619637/


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