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Basilisk bar Pattaya

Basilisk bar

Basilisk bar can be found in the Simon 2 beer bar complex on the right side of Walking Street if walking from the Beach Road end. It is one of tye complexes two street frontage bars, the other being Frog bar. The two front bars are very popular, picking up perhaps 70% of the entire complex’s customers between them. It would however be true to say that of the two the Basilisk bar is the least popular as Frog bar is very popular.

As with all the bars in the Simon 2 complex it is a small open air beer bar. There is seating around the bar for approximately 20 people plus a few tables and chairs on Walking Street itself.

The bar puts a lot of emphasis on the fun element. The girls are usually dancing and are happy to play the standard connect 4 and dice games. Overall a great bar to start your night.

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