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Frog bar Walking Street Pattaya

Frog Bar

Frog bar is probably the most successful small beer bar in Walking Street. This is mainly due to its location as one of the two street-side bars in the Simon 2 bar complex. The other being Basilisk bar. As with all the bars in the Simon 2 complex it is a small open air beer bar with a small central stage and 2 dancing poles. For a beer bar the girls are fairly enthusiastic with the dancing. The bar has three sides with stoll seating. There is also a far sized area on the street itself with tables and chairs.

The bar opened in 2009 and has built a good reputation and a regular clientele. The only down side is high beer prices. When I say high I mean they are high for a beer bar although not for Walking Street in general. We understand the reason for the high prices is the astronomical rents paid by the two street side bars in the Simon 2 complex.

Opening hours – 18.00 to late, The early opening is another reason for its popularity as many people will sit for a drink or two whiling away the time until the gogo bars to open.

Frog bar media contacts

Website – none

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frog-Bar-Walking-Street/186524268070926


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