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Hotels Walking Street

Hotels Walking Street

Despite being Pattaya’s biggest single attraction there are very few hotels actually on Walking Street itself. Most of the hotels in the area are in the Sois running off Walking Street. We are only listing the hotels either on, or very close to, Walking Street plus a few of the most popular on Beach Road. Please be aware that if you wish to stay in the heart of the nightlife some degree of noise comes with the territory. If you like to go to bed early you should look for a hotel further away.

5 Star hotels Walking Street

There are no 5 star hotels on Walking Street. If you are an all night clubber you probably do not suit 5 star hotels due to their distance away plus the fact they are not truly girl friendly. The nearest 5 stars are in the Pratumnak area a few minutes drive away. Notably –

Royal Cliff Beach Hotel Pratumnak – outstanding hotel if you can afford 5 star prices. Pictured above!

The Marriott – this is on Beach Road, and some distance from Walking Street but it is the only truly girl friendly 5 star hotel so we are giving it a mention.

3/4 Star hotels Walking Street

Grand Hotel Soi 14 – a rather tired old hotel. We would not recommend it.

Diamond Beach hotel – located in Soi Diamond. As with the Grand this hotel has seen better days. They claim to be the first hotel to have opened in the area and it looks like it. It DOES have one advantage over the better, and cheaper, guesthouses listed below in that it has better sound proofing and is set back a little from the main noise.

W 14 hotel Soi 14 – new hotel in Soi 14. We do not know too much about it but th reviews on Agoda are very good.

Budget hotels Walking Street

Walking Street Guesthouse – right in the middle of Walking Street itself. Great rooms at great prices. To see why we recommend this hotel just read the reviews on Agoda. Highly recommended.

Galaxy Suites Soi Diamond – again great rooms, great prices. Highly recommended.

Secrets hotel Soi 14 – despite the name this is a guesthouse. It is very popular but the two options above have better rooms at lower prices.

If you are a night life lover, on a budget, and you are sure you want to stay ON Walking Street then you rally do not need to look beyond the three listed above. They are head and shoulders above everything else in the area.

P72 Hotels Walking Street – somewhat shabby but very cheap hotel located on Walking Street itself. You are far better off with any of the other options in this list.

Beach Road hotels

The following hotels are on or very close to Beach Road. This means they are a few minutes from Walking Street on the Baht buses. For many people these hotels are a better option than hotels Walking Street due to reduced noise. These hotels are VERY popular, they fill first regardless of high or low season. For most of them advanced booking is essential.

Page 10 hotel

All hotels Walking Street

You can find a list of all the hotels here – the list also includes the distance of the hotel from the center of Walking Street.

Walking Street hotels

Stones House
Club Electric Blue

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