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Living Dolls Showcase

Living Dolls Showcase

Living Dolls Showcase in located in the middle of Walking Street. On the right hand side if walking from the Beach Road end. Over the years it has built  a reputation as one of the best show bars in Pattaya. It describes itself as the “Ultimate Agogo Bar” and to be honest it would not be far wrong. The main reason being that it adheres to the traditional agogo bars setup- cute girls and great shows.

It was the first of the bars to embrace the show bar ideology and that continues to this day. It still has some of the hottest and best choreographed shows in Pattaya. Show take place throughout the night. Even between shows the line up of dancers matches any other bar in the city.

If you were looking for just one bar to give you everything you were looking for in Pattaya then Livings Dolls Showcase would be as good a bet as any.

Living Dolls Showcase Pattaya – Media

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LivingDollsShowcaseGogoPattaya/

Website – http://livingdollsshowcase.com/

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