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Rocket Ball Pattaya

Rocket Ball and 2Sky Bar

The Rocket Ball is one of Pattaya’s newest and most exciting attractions. It is located in front of the Bali Hai pier, next to the Mixx and Lima Lima nightclubs. It also has its own bar, the 2Sky bar.

It consists of two steel towers with a special cord connected to each tower. Both ends of the cord are attached to a caged steel ball that seats two people.

It is operated by the team from 2Sky Pattaya, who are trained and qualified to the fullest extent by Technical Park. 2Sky Pattaya is also fully supervised by an on-site European technical engineer.

The device is made by Technical Park, an Italian company The device and the company are fully compliant with world standards of quality and safety. The Rocket Ball was designed with extreme safety in mind.

For a better idea of what it does, watch the video or see their website link below.

Rocket Ball Media links

Website – 2Sky Pattaya

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/2SkyPattaya

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