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Spice Agogo Club Pattaya

Spice Agogo

Spice Agogo or Spice Club Agogo to give its full name is the first bar or gogo bar in Soi 15. It is on the left side as you walk from Walking Street. It opened in February 2016 and was formerly Beach Club Agogo, one of the Happy Group Agogo bars.

At the time of writing this review nothing has changed inside the club. The sign outside has been changed. It is a medium sized gogo bar set over one floor. There is one central stage with wall and stage seating. Nothing very of the ordinary at all. We assume they will make some changes at some point but at the moment it is exactly as it was before but with fewer customers.

Spice Agogo contact and media

Last update at 18th March 2016

Address : Soi 15, Walking Street, Pattaya, Thailand.

Contact :

Website : http://soi15-pattaya.com/spice-club-agogo

Facebook : None

YouTube : None

Soi 15 Website : http://soi15-pattaya.com

Image courtesy of : http://www.gogobarspattaya.net/

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